Mock Job Interview

  1. I felt good while I was interviewing my partner. Seeing the interviewers side of it will help so I will know what I shouldn’t do through their point of view.
  2. I felt good when I was getting interviewed. I think I did good for my first time doing that but I think I will do better when I do it for real because it will be more serious.
  3.  I think my responses were good but they could’ve been longer. I think I could’ve done better but they were still good. The “What made you apply for this job” question was hard. “Tell me about yourself” was easy.
  4.  I would tell them to make their answers long and be professional. I could improve by saying yes sir.
  5. I should prepare more so I can look and sound more professional. You should dress in a button up shirt with dress pants and dress shoes. You should behave professionally. You should bring up previous jobs.
  6. It was a good class experience. I can improve by doing it more. I will definitely need these skills in real life. I will need it to help get jobs and to help the employer know more about me

English 2 Job Shadowing Reflectfion

  1. I learned that I would like to be an engineer from the job shadowing experience.
  2. I think I did well on my presentation. I got a 100% so I did good.
  3. I will probably put a different background because a lot of people had the same one as me.
  4. I wouldn’t change anything about my presentation.
  5. I wouldn’t change anything because I did good and I am proud of what I did. I did good on the presentation and I learned a lot. Reflecting on my presentation I am proud that I did so good

Social Issue Research Topic

  • What is your social issue? Driverless Cars
  • Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic? It is very controversial because they are many pros and cons. People don’t know what to expect from these cars. Some people think they are good some people think they will mess everything up.
  • What is your proposed solution? Why do you think this is the best solution? I think we should have them because they could decrease the number of accidents. They would make the roads a lot more safer.
  • What are pros to your solution? They can decrease the amount of accidents, they are better drivers than humans, they are programmed to drive safely, and the car will be more focused on the road than a human could ever be.
  • What are cons to your solution? Hackers can hold the cars for ransom. Hackers might be able to make the cars crash or mess the programming up. They will take a lot of driving related jobs away.
  • Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic?
  • What do you think about driverless cars?
  • How do you think they will effect out world.

Play Doh

I made a basketball out of the play-doh for many reasons. I love basketball even though I don’t play anymore. I use to play basketball when i was in middle school. My school take got 2nd in city and my other school was state ranked. My AAU team also got 2nd in nationals. I had played basketball since I was really young. I was always one of the smallest kids on the court so I was always the point guard. Even though I was small I used my quickness to my advantage to get past the bigger players. Even though I don’t play I still like watching the games when they are on TV but I really like going to them. When I lived in Peoria I would go to almost every Manual game with my friends. That has always been my favorite high school team. When I was younger me and my friends were their water boys. We would be at every game and we always had our “ball boys” shirts on. Me and my same friends that were ball boys still go to the Manual games together. We will probably never stop going to the games even if Manual isn’t good. Basketball is a sport I will always love no matter what. Even if I’m not playing I can still find fun in it. I will always do something that has basketball involved in it. I play a lot of NBA 2k because I always need to do something basketball related.

The Death Penalty

The death penalty is good in some situations. If somebody kills people they should either get life in jail or the death penalty. Like an “an eye for an eye”, if you kill you should be killed. I can see that but some people might think it is not good because it is an easy way out of spending time in jail. As for the polls most of the United States are for the death penalty. Most of Illinois and most of Chicago are for it too. That’s a lot of people in favor of the death penalty. I read an article that said having the killer of their loved one killed didn’t help anything. So is the death penalty really worth it? The death penalty also cost more than putting people behind bars. The money used for the death penalty can be use for better things like aiding poverty. The death penalty is a very controversial subject because people don’t know if killing a person is worth it. Spending all of that money just for the family not to feel any better, is it really worth it? It is hard to pick a side for the death penalty.